Vial labeling

The process of labeling vials requires very high-performance and high-speed labeling systems. The usually cylindrically shaped, small glass bottles are primarily used for vaccination serums and other pharmaceuticals that are drawn into syringes. Vials and similar formats are utilized not only by the pharmaceutical industry but also for packaging cosmetics and chewing tobacco. Usually they contain liquid substances, though they are also used for gaseous substances or what is known as freeze-dried cake.

Wrap-around labeling is predominantly used for vials. Such labels may include special fill-level scale markings, so they must be applied very precisely. Larger format vials are also used as infusion bottles and are often equipped with special hanger labels. These labels have a detachable clip for hanging the bottle. Booklet labels and documentation labels are similarly common. The latter have a perforation that allows part of the label to be detached so it can be adhered to a vaccination card, for instance. Reliable application of such functional labels to vials requires great precision.

Particularly with pharmaceuticals but also increasingly with cosmetics and foodstuffs, operators often need to integrate complex coding, serialization, monitoring and rejection systems into the labeling system. After all, particularly when it comes to vials containing vaccination serums, any mix-ups or cross-contamination can have fatal consequences and must be avoided at all costs. Reliable labeling and monitoring processes are therefore extremely important. Systems with a star wheel enable very precise product tracking since each product is handled individually.

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The benefits to you when labeling vials with HERMA systems:

  • Modular design with standardized connections provides a maximum degree of freedom when selecting serialization, printing and monitoring systems
  • Variable printing of expiration dates, batch data and codes can be achieved with all printing systems
  • Short setup times thanks to the ability to replace many format parts without the need for tools
  • Straightforward and reliable integration in complete packaging lines
  • Option to use special labels, such as hanger, booklet and documentation labels
  • Compliance with GMP and GAMP guidance
  • Utilization of reliable and compact HERMA 400 applicators – possibly the world’s best-selling applicator in the high-performance segment

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