Labeling for Confectionery

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Labels on confectionery packaging serve a variety of purposes. They can, for instance, communicate ingredients or other information, convey special advertising or promotional messages or can be used to seal or reclose packaging. The range of packaging available is extremely diverse. Examples include folding cartons, tubular bags, cans and snap-on lid solutions. Some of the particular challenges posed are the different shapes of the products and the variety of surfaces on which the label is applied. The applicator used must dispense the labels with extreme precision, even on surfaces with an irregular shape or that are warm, cold or damp. For brand manufacturers especially, a part of the quality promise is that the label is fitted precisely.

When labelling chocolate products, for instance, other special rules such as maintaining specific temperatures apply. Continuous and precise temperature monitoring is essential to the production of quality chocolate, in both hot and cold areas. The ambient temperature should not exceed a specific limit, even in labelling areas shielded by plexiglas panes. The critical air temperature is 22 to 23° C.

Other important aspects of labelling include:

  • Easy-to-clean machine surfaces
  • Food-safe materials for making contact with products, food-safe conveyor belts
  • Format parts that can be changed without tools
  • Easy access to the parts to be cleaned
  • Operating personnel safety
  • Prevention of foodstuff contamination


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