Labeling food and beverage products

Guaranteed freshness

Labels on food and beverage products serve a wide range of purposes. For example they can be used to provide information, help boost sales, indicate freshness, reseal products or aid in product tracking. The spectrum of packages used is also extremely diverse. This includes round bottles, pillow bags, plastic jars, folding boxes, Doypacks and aluminum-cardboard composite containers. If you want to use special labels for resealing a package, complex booklet labels with consumer information or high-quality transparent labels, you need application equipment that is perfectly tailored to the job. Brand-name items, in particular, demand the highest precision for such processes. Applying even relatively simple labels with variable data can be a challenge if the labeling occurs under difficult conditions.

In the food and beverage industry, this can include moist and cold surfaces, warm containers or even frozen products. With their ease of use and ability to process a wide range of products, HERMA labeling systems can meet any requirements of food and beverage manufacturers. The systems are sturdy and built from high-quality stainless steel, making them easy to clean and able to meet the strict requirements of the food and beverage industry. Printers can be easily integrated to apply variable data. Our HERMA systems are low maintenance, exhibit high labeling accuracy, can be modified to fit any installation situation and can be integrated into virtually any packaging line.

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The labeling of food products also requires

  • Machine surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Food-safe materials for product contact, food-safe conveyor belts
  • Format parts that can be changed without tools

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