HERMA 400 Rotary applicator

Narrow, fast and powerful

The space-saving HERMA 400 Rotary applicator quickly makes new and existing rotary machines suitable for applying adhesive labels, for example on drinks such as beer, mineral water or spirits, or on food products and cosmetics. This special version of the successful and high-performance HERMA 400 applicator features a particularly narrow and compact design.

Its controller is completely integrated in the device. A separate control box is therefore not required. The height and tilt angle can also be adjusted for optimal positioning in any system. Depending on the unwind and take-up units used, the HERMA 400 Rotary can achieve a dispensing speed of 150 m/min at its highest precision level. This corresponds to about 60,000 labels per hour or up to 900 labels per minute.

The applicator’s cycle is automatically synchronized with the speed of the rotary machine. This offers an important advantage: Because of their high intrinsic speed, rotary systems generally need a few seconds to ramp up and down. The HERMA 400 Rotary’s synchronization function prevents rejected products during this time. Various bus interfaces are available for establishing a serial data connection to a higher-level controller.

Benefits of the HERMA 400 Rotary at a glance

  • Particularly narrow design for up to 9 labeling stations in a single rotary System
  • No separate control box required
  • Intuitive operator display
  • Can be used for one-sided, two-sided and wrap-around labeling
  • Special unwind unit for even tensioning of the label web
  • Available in left-hand and right-hand versions, for upright, horizontal or suspended operation with overall widths from 80 mm to 240 mm in 80 mm increments
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