Labeler HERMA 400 – The heart of all labeling machines

Compact, modular, servo driven. The compact labeler range with a modular system

Uniquely compact, incomparably versatile: The HERMA 400 is a true space-saving wonder and is the world’s best-selling applicator in the high-quality product sector.

  • The HERMA 400 can apply any type of adhesive label to virtually any type of product or package.
  • It is used in a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics, food and beverages, the automotive industry and the chemical industry.
  • Depending on the machine type, the applicator can be installed in the horizontal, upright or suspended position.
  • With its wide range of available accessory modules, the HERMA 400 can be easily integrated into any packaging line.
  • For this reason and because of its high performance and reliability, the 400 is the heart of every  labeling machine.

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With the HERMA 400, you have the perfect solution for any application. Regardless of which configuration you select, the basic drive unit with the servo motor is always the same. The same drive unit means you only ever have to deal with one device, one replacement part, guaranteeing optimal availability.

The intuitive operator display allows you to easily and conveniently set the parameters to custom configure the applicator. The special unwind unit used in the HERMA 400 models keeps the label web evenly tensioned, which prevents tolerance problems at the dispensing beak. Both the unwind and take-up reels are built nearly identically and provide the same reliability. The threading and tensioning processes are designed to be particularly user friendly. The HERMA 400 can automatically synchronize its labeling speed with the product speed with no delay. This ensures that every label is applied precisely where it belongs. The digital input function can be used to finely tune the speed.

Motorized unwinder and motorized backing paper take-up unit

Unwinder and rewinder are independently driven. Ideally suited for label reels with an outer diameter of 400mm (optional 500 mm) and a score diameter of 3"/76 mm. The labeling speed can be up to 80 m/min - up to 180 m/min when fitted with the optional loop-type unwinder. 

The following patents have been granted (this list does not claim to be exhaustive):

  • European Patent EP 1 663 791 B1, granted with effect for Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
  • US Patent US 8,012,279 B2
  • Canadian Patent CA 2 526 584 C


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    • Control integrated into the label applicator – no separate control box is required
    • Clearly laid out operating display
    • Wide range power input 100V AC … 240V AC ±10%, 50 Hz … 60 Hz
    • Automatic synchronization of labeling and product speeds
    • Special unwind unit giving consistent web tension
    • Easy to expand
    • Comprehensive range of modules: pedestals, label sensors, printing and embossing units – always a perfect fit
    • Available as left-hand and right-hand versions, for upright, horizontal or suspended operation, width in increments of 80 mm / 3” up to 320 mm / 12”
    • PLC connection – no problem at all
    • Transparent labels – no problem at all
    • Integrate most popular coders / printers


80 / 160 / 240 / 320 mm (web widths, label length unlimited)

Reel holder:

(Core diameter 76mm/3”) Standard - outer diameter 300/400 mm/ 12/16” Motorized unwinder – outer diameter 400 mm/ 16” (a loop type unwinder is optional)


0-180 m/min.


Up to 1000 labels/min.

Mounting position:

vertical, horizontal, upside down

File name
File type
File size

Components – For any label application we have a suitable solution

  • Rigid beak with application roller

    Rigid beak with application roller

    For linear labeling, the sprung loaded application roller applies the label onto the product.

  • Pivot beak with application roller

    Pivot beak with application roller

    The ideal solution for the linear labeling of objects with varying heights or uneven surfaces.

  • Optoelectronic sensing unit

    Optoelectronic sensing unit

    Our non-contact optoelectronic label sensing unit which quickly and easily adapts to materials with various light transmitting properties.

  • HERMA FS03 label sensor

    HERMA FS03 label sensor

    In the HERMA FS03 sensor we offer an extremely fast and powerful label sensing system. The FS03 is especially suitable for use with transparent labels. Including a comfortable teach function.

  • Hot-foil printer

    Hot-foil printer

    The ideal solution if you require the ability to overprint high-quality sell by dates / codes etc.

  • Thermal transfer printers

    Thermal transfer printers

    The versatile system developed for printing variable label information such as text, real-time data, bar codes and graphics.

  • The HERMA universal mounting pedestal

    The HERMA universal mounting pedestal

    For HERMA 400 applicators

    Convenient mounting solution for top-, side- or bottom labeling. Wheels are an optional extra.

  • HERMA Mounting pedestals

    HERMA Mounting pedestals

    Easily adjustable in all planes, incorporating a simple adjustment of the label application angle.

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