Connecting dimensions



Faster and more convenient
Touchscreen with intuitive menu guidance.
Time saving set-up via intelligent features and groundbreaking technologies.
Quick set-up
Short make-ready time thanks to innovative technologies such as assisted backing paper feed & automatic label length detection.
25 % Faster labeling speeds
Improved performance: 25 percentfaster labeling speeds thanks to newly developed components.
200 m/min Highspeed Labeling
Label products at speeds of 30 m/min to 200 m/min.


Versatile use
Unprecedented versatility and compact design offer fast and easy integration into any production line.
Perfect integration
Can be used to replace HERMA 400 models with just a few modifications.
Suitable for all label sizes
Devices available in the following widths to accommodate virtually any label size:
» 80 mm
» 160 mm
» 240 mm
» 320 mm
Dynamic speed adjustment
Master encoder function now included in the basic version.
High-precision labeling
Modular dispensing systems enable perfectly reproducible application of various label types.


Online registration
Fast support, functional upgrades & firmware updates.
Intelligent control
State-of-the-art machine communication.
IIoT-enabled thanks to Ethernet interface and configurable fieldbus connection.
Browser-based operation
Parameterize and operate the device quickly and easily from a web browser.


Spot-on information
Favored parameter settings directly displayed on home screen, offering quick access to menu, search function and user level settings.
Optimal readability
The touchscreen can be rotated in steps of 90 degrees and includes multi-colored status indicators.
Safe operation
4,3" touchscreen with clear symbols, intuitive menu guidance and indicidual customization.
The HERMA 500 can display messages and text in more than 25 languages. Its user-friendly touchscreen can also display operating instructions, threading diagrams and help topics.


Comprehensive worldwide service
on location at your facility or via HERMA Online Services.
HERMA quality.
Made in Germany.
Unsurpassed reliability withh 100% inspection of every label applicator during synchronized serial production.
For decades, HERMA applicators have been known for their extremely long service lives and low maintenance.
Greater safety
Long-term availability of all parts and future-proof interfaces for digital challenges.


Industry-specific requirements? No problem!
With its modular design, the HERMA 500 can be adapted to the requirements of any industry.
Suitable for all industries
A master of all classes:
The HERMA 500’s high standards for quality and reliability make it suitable for any industry, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages and other sectors.
Unmatched versatility
Looking for a versatile system with a one-of-a-kind design? The HERMA 500 can label an endless range of product geometries with the highest precision.

No compromises, absolute performance

Don’t choose between speed, precision, usability and reliability – with the HERMA 500, you can have it all!

That's what the users say
"Reliable - Because it's HERMA!" Mr. Şahin Çakar - Repair and Maintenance Officer
That's what the users say
"A fantastic machine!!!" Roeland Raaijmakers - Production Manager
That's what the users say
"We’re thrilled with the HERMA 500!" Eberhard Luz - Team Leader Employment and Vocation Promotion
Technical Specifications

Label Specifications

Label width:
80 / 160 / 240 / 320 mm • 3.1“ / 6.3“ / 9.4“ / 12.6“
Roll diameter:
300 / 400 / 500 / 600 mm • 11.8“ / 15.7“ / 19.7“ / 23.6“

HERMA 500 Technical Specifications


Left-hand unit • right-hand unit

Basic unit HERMA 500

Labeling speed
0 – 30 / 50 / 80 / 150 / 200 m/min
0 – 98 / 164 / 262 / 492 / 656 ft/min
Master encoder operation • machine control CAN-Bus
Labeling functions:
Master encoder operation • machine control CAN-Bus
UL and CSA certification:

Label scanning

Sensor type:
Forked photoelectric sensor • FS03 for scanning
of last label • ultrasonic sensor


Operation via pictograms on the 4.3” color touchscreen • quick access to 4 parameters, menu, user administration, search, messages, operation on / off • format management • language selection • can be operated with gloves • button for manual label feed • main switch for complete mains isolation


Display rotatable in 90° steps • display of the configurable main parameter • status display: ready, alert, malfunction in various colors • display threading scheme • display operating manual

Service functions

Remote access via web browser • functional upgrade via code activation • firmware update via Ethernet TCP/IP


Drive technology:
AC servo motor
Control technology:
Fully integrated in the HERMA 500

Operating data

Power supply:
100 - 240 V AC, 400 W, 50 - 60 Hz
Operating temperature:
0 – 40° C • 32 – 104° F
Protection class:

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