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Operate, configure and maintain your HERMA applicators more quickly, reliably and effectively with our Online Services portal (www.herma-service.com). You can find service and support information for a wide range of HERMA labeling solutions – at any time and from anywhere in the world. This saves you the time-consuming process of searching for information in various hard copy folders and manuals or in electronic directories. The portal lets you access all the information you need on your tablet or laptop with just a few clicks, meaning you can work right from the location of the applicator. A range of search and filter functions and drop-down menus make it easy to quickly find the information you need. Videos are also included to answer many frequently asked questions. The videos guide users step by step through various configuration processes – even without the sound on.

Whether you have questions about ordering or you need help adjusting your applicator, HERMA’s Online Services portal can give you detailed answers to many of your questions. There is just one requirement: You have to register for free access. Once this one-time registration is approved, you can access the HERMA portal. We are continuously expanding and updating the content, and we take your feedback into account. This ensures that everyone, yourself included, can get optimal performance from our applicators and labeling systems at all times.

A central purpose of the portal is making it easy to identify and order wearing and replacement parts. One way the portal does this is by including links to our online shop (www.herma-components.com).


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Your can access the following content in our Online Services portal at any time:

  • Documentation for every applicator
  • Help with troubleshooting and error messages on our applicators
  • Maintenance and service questions
  • Video instructions for adjusting various components of our applicators
  • Material data sheets for a range of HERMA products

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